First AH-64E flies to permanent station in Taoyuan

Staff writer, with CNA

Fri, Mar 07, 2014 - Page 3

An AH-64E Apache helicopter was flown to the Taoyuan County army base where it is be stationed, an army official said yesterday, after the nation’s 12 AH-64E choppers returned to service last week.

The helicopter arrived at the Taoyuan base after flying for more than an hour from an army aviation special forces base in Greater Tainan, the official said on condition of anonymity.

“We plan to fly all of the Apache helicopters to the Taoyuan base by the end of next week,” the official said.

The 12 aircraft are part of a 30-helicopter order from the US that cost more than US$2 billion.

All of the choppers are to be stationed in the Taoyuan base, the official said.

The third batch of helicopters is scheduled to arrive in Greater Kaohsiung around March 16, the army said.

The final two batches of six helicopters are expected to arrive in May and July, the official said.