Family members indicted over Yangmingshan site

By Rich Chang  /  Staff reporter

Wed, Jan 29, 2014 - Page 3

Miaoli County Commissioner Liu Cheng-hung’s (劉政鴻) brother was indicted by the Shihlin District Prosecutors’ Office yesterday on charges of illegally occupying public land on Yangmingshan (陽明山).

Liu’s brother, Liu Cheng-chih (劉政池), was charged with illegally seizing and using national property and violations of the Water Conservation Act (水土保持法).

Liu Cheng-chih’s sister, Liu Tzu-ying (劉子瑩), and his daughters, Liu Kuan-ting (劉冠廷) and Liu Kuan-yu (劉冠余), were indicted on forgery charges.

Liu Cheng-hung, who was questioned by prosecutors as a defendant in the case, was not indicted.

The office said the prosecutors questioned Liu Cheng-hung about matters concerning the Company Act (公司法), but since a prosecution period of 20 years had elapsed since his suspected actions, he was not charged.

Prosecutors said Liu Cheng-chih’s family opened a company and a mansion was registered as the company’s property. Liu Cheng-hung is the former owner of the company.

In November last year, prosecutors raided Liu Cheng-chih’s mansion on Yangmingshan and found a 210m-long basement after digging around the area. The cellar — as large as a full-sized basketball court — was formed out of 12 shipping containers that were each 16.15m in length, 2.44m in width and 2.59m tall — with one of the containers serving as an entrance.

Then-director of Yangmingshan National Park Tsai Bai-lu (蔡佰祿) and two other bureau officials, who were responsible for issuing the construction license for the mansion, were indicted on charges of illegal profiteering from the Liu family’s actions, the office said.