Librans more willing to donate blood, poll shows

SIGNS OF TIMES::Aquarians also like to donate blood and persuade others to do the same, while Scorpios do not like to brag about it, a blood center poll showed

By Stacy Hsu  /  Staff writer, with CNA

Sun, Jan 19, 2014 - Page 3

Being a Libran could mean a greater willingness to donate blood, a survey published by the Taipei Blood Center on Friday showed.

A vast majority of people who rolled up their sleeves to give blood at the center over the past four decades were Librans, followed by Capricorns and Scorpios, the survey of donors’ astrological signs showed.

“We also found Sagittarians to be optimists who seldom go home depressed if they were found ineligible to donate blood due to unforeseen factors, while Aquarians tend to be ‘sharers’ who not only routinely donate blood, but also enjoy persuading their friends to follow suit,” the center said.

The survey of donors to the center and users of also found that Scorpios are “low-profile donors” who do not like to brag about their good deeds or be rewarded for their contributions.

While Virgos, typically described as cautious and meticulous, pay close heed to their health before donating blood, Aries, who tend to be impulsive and risk-takers, would rush to have their blood drawn the minute they hear of a blood shortage, the poll said.

The study also suggested that Virgos and Geminis are both inclined to donate blood while traveling.

Wu Chien-hui (吳千卉), a 33-year-old Libran, said she had donated blood 34 times since her first donation 13 years ago.

“Although it is a pity that I am not eligible to give 500cc of blood each time or make a platelet donation due to my weight ... my passion to donate blood has never waned because of a special person — my father,” Wu said.

Wu said her father was diagnosed with cancer more than 10 years ago, and she viewed each blood bag that he used during or after operation as an embodiment of the kindness of their donors.

“Although my father succumbed to the disease eventually, I will always thank the donors for giving him two extra years of life,” Wu said.

Pan Feng-yu (潘鳳玉), a 54-year-old Virgo who has made 900 donations, said she started doing it out of a passion to save lives, but it ended up changing her lifestyle for the better.

“To reduce the fat in my blood, I always bring a cup of water to wedding banquets and dip my food in it before eating it. I also purchased a bread machine to make low-fat and low-sugar bread,” Pan said.

Pan added that she has also increased her intake of beets and black fungi to boost her hemoglobin levels and makes sure that she gets a good night’s sleep before a donation.