Orgy-on-wheels conviction upheld

Staff writer, with CNA

Fri, Dec 13, 2013 - Page 3

The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a six-month prison sentence for a man convicted of attempting to profit from sex by organizing an orgy on a chartered train car last year.

Tsai Yu-lin (蔡育林) was convicted of hosting a sex party in a Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) carriage during a trip between Taipei and Hsinchu on Feb. 9 last year that involved 18 men and a 17-year-old girl.

Prosecutors requested a six-month sentence when they filed charges against Tsai in March last year for attempting to profit from introducing sex to a third party under the Act on Offenses Against Sexual Morality (妨害風化罪).

Tsai said he had organized the party along the lines of Japanese pornographic genre known as chikan (癡漢), which features men on crowded subways or trains groping female passengers and having sex.

The prosecutors charged him with holding an orgy for profit, based on evidence that there was money left over, but the funds were not returned to the participants.

Tsai said he never planned to make a profit and had planned to return the leftover money, but treated the men to dinner instead.

They also sought two-month jail terms for three men accused of serving as lookouts for the orgy-on-wheels and two women who reportedly served as waitresses.

The New Taipei City District Court convicted Tsai on April 14 and gave him a six-month sentence, but found the other defendants not guilty. Tsai appealed, but the Taiwan High Court upheld the district court’s ruling on Sept. 13.