Modesty no barrier for new name

‘I AM THE GREATEST’::A love of Taiwan along with aspirations of greatness have prompted one man to adopt a rather unusual — and long — moniker

By Loa Iok-sin  /  Staff reporter Staff Reporter

Tue, Oct 15, 2013 - Page 4

It’s official: Taiwan has the world’s greatest man. He is Huang Hung-cheng-tai-wan-a-cheng-shi-chieh-wei-jen (黃宏成台灣阿成世界偉人) — which means “Huang Hung-cheng, A-Cheng from Taiwan, the great man of the world.”

Born as Hung Hung-cheng (黃宏成), the “great man of the world” first changed his name to “Huang Hung-cheng-tai-wan-a-cheng” (黃宏成台灣阿成) — meaning “Huang Hung-cheng, A-cheng from Taiwan” in 2010, and in July this year, he officially added “shi-chieh-wei-jen” (世界偉人, “great man of the world”) to his name, making his 11-character name the longest non-Aboriginal name in Taiwan.

“Prior to adding ‘A-cheng from Taiwan’ to my name, I traveled around Taiwan and then around the world, and I felt that my love for Taiwan is so strong that I must officially change my name,” Huang told the Taipei Times. “This way, Taiwan is not only in my heart, but also in my name.”

In July, he decided to change his name again, adding “great man of the world” to his name.

Huang said that, on his trips, he encountered many nice people and “I feel that most of the people in the world are good-hearted, and I hope I can become a great man to serve all these people.”

Huang has been working hard to promote exchanges between Taiwan and other countries.

For instance, he makes statues of well-known figures using Taiwanese clay and gives them as gifts to people he encounters abroad.

“I’ve given clay statues of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King to a hostel where I stayed in Washington, DC,” Huang said. “I also visited descendants of Frederick Coyett — who served as the last governor of Dutch-occupied Taiwan — and made a clay statue of him as a gift for them.”

As the law stipulates that a person may change their name up to two times, Huang joked that he has passed the point of no return in becoming the “great man of the world” since he is not allowed to change his name again.