Taiwan’s talent on show in London

By Tony Phillips  /  Staff reporter

Tue, Sep 17, 2013 - Page 4

Taiwanese designers will be looking to showcase the nation’s creative scene on an international stage this week in the UK.

Annual design exhibition, Formosa Show, organized by the Ministry of Culture in association with the UK’s Creative Enterprise Organisation, will open at London’s Candide’s Art Gallery tomorrow and runs through Sunday.

Twenty-four Taiwanese designers will display a range of work including fashion design, jewellery and accessories, spatial design, print media illustration and furniture.

Apu Jan (詹朴) and Wu Li-chu (吳禮竹), who both exhibited at the event in 2011, have been invited to return as guest designers this year.

Apu, who has featured at this year’s prestigious London Fashion Week, will be presenting a number of works from his knit garment selection.

Wu completed a masters degree in jewelery, silversmithing and related products at Birmingham City University, subsequently being selected into a program supported by Birmingham City Council and the European Regional Development Fund to start her own career as an independent designer jeweler.

Formosa Show founder and director Ye Sire (嚴士育) has ambitious plans for the future.

“We look forward to the arrival of more creative artists and designers, adding new perspectives to the diverse experience of the Formosa Show,” Ye said. “In the future, we will be taking the show to exhibit in other cities, allowing more people to expand their understanding of Taiwanese creativity.”