Nation counts cost in wake of tropical storm

COUNTING THE DAMAGE::The storm left 10 people injured in Greater Taichung, Taipei and New Taipei City and wrought damage of NT$9.5 million to agriculture

By Shelley Shan  /  Staff reporter

Fri, Aug 23, 2013 - Page 3

The Central Emergency Operation Center yesterday confirmed that 10 people were injured during Tropical Storm Trami, which left Taiwan yesterday.

Though the storm cruised through the sea area off the nation’s north coast without making landfall, torrential rainfall had forced thousands to evacuate, damaged utility facilities, disrupted the transportation system and caused flooding in many places on the west coast.

Based on the center’s reports, eight of the injured individuals were reported in Greater Taichung and the remaining two in Taipei and New Taipei City (新北市).

At press time, 503 households in Nantou, Hsinchu and Miaoli Counties, Greater Taichung and Hsinchu City were still waiting to have power restored.

Water supply had yet to resume in about 20,000 households in Miaoli, Hsinchu and Chiayi Counties. About 800 people remained in shelters.

By 5pm, the storm had delayed 69 international flights and caused 30 others to be canceled yesterday. Meanwhile, 27 domestic flights were delayed and 53 others were canceled.

As of 4pm, agricultural losses were estimated at NT$9.5 million (US$317,000).

As Trami moved relatively quickly away from Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau lifted the land alert for Taiwan proper at 2:30pm.

It subsequently lifted the land alert for Kinmen and Matsu as well as the sea alert off the northern part of the Taiwan Strait.

Syueling (雪嶺) in Greater Taichung’s Heping District (和平) had the highest accumulated rainfall in the nation in the past three days by 7:10pm, with 737mm. Shaolai (稍來), also in Heping District, was ranked second, with the rainfall reaching 707mm.

Despite the massive rainfall, it was lower than the rainfall estimate given by the bureau, which forecast that the rainfall in the mountainous area in Greater Taichung could exceed 1,100mm.

The bureau said that the southwest wind would continue to bring rain to central and southern parts of the nation today, even though Taiwan is out of Trami’s radius. Those heading to the beaches might also see large waves.

Looking to the weekend’s weather, the bureau said that the southwest wind would turn southerly, which would bring reduced rain to the nation.

Chances of showers are high in southern and southeastern regions, while the rest of the country is likely to experience afternoon thundershowers.

Temperatures would rise again to 32?C to 34?C.

For next week, cloudy to sunny skies are forecast nationwide from Monday to Thursday.

Chances of afternoon thundershowers are high in central and southern areas, as well as in the mountainous areas in northern and eastern regions.