Zoo mulls ways to give public peek into panda’s life

PANDAMONIUM::The Taipei Zoo is consulting with the Taipei City Government on how to increase its bandwidth to allow live video of the cub

Staff writer, with CNA

Mon, Aug 19, 2013 - Page 3

Discussions about ways to provide a live video feed of the recently born giant panda are underway following intense public scrutiny of the cub’s daily life, the Taipei Zoo said yesterday.

The zoo is currently unable to set up real-time online streaming to view 43-day-old Yuan Zai (圓仔) due to a lack of staff and equipment, zoo spokesman Chang Chi-hua (張志華) said.

Chang said one of the challenges the zoo is trying to overcome is to increase its bandwidth so that video footage can be easily posted online.

The zoo will consult with the Taipei City Government to figure out ways to implement the “pandacam” project, Chang said.

Discussions about Yuan Zai have dominated local media over the past week following the reunion of the cub with her mother, Yuan Yuan (圓圓). The cub was taken away from her mother shortly after birth and placed in an incubator because zoo keepers feared Yuan Yuan might accidentally hurt her.

The cub weighed 183.4g when she was born on July 6 and she now weighs 2.13kg, zookeepers said.