Funeral service held for Taiwanese killed in Vietnam

Staff writer, with CNA, HA TINH, Vietnam

Mon, Aug 12, 2013 - Page 3

A funeral service was held yesterday for a Taiwanese businessman working in Vietnam who was killed last week after quarreling with a group of locals.

The family of the 51-year-old man, only identified by his surname Tseng (曾), arrived a day earlier to help with funeral arrangements at a hospital in the northern city of Vinh, about 300km from Hanoi.

Tseng was killed on Wednesday evening after quarreling with a group of Vietnamese at a roadside restaurant in Ky Lien village in the north central province of Ha Tinh.

Tseng and two other Taiwanese businessmen with him were attacked as they tried to leave the restaurant, according to a Taiwanese businessman working in Ha Tinh. One of the Vietnamese struck Tseng on the head with roof tiles, while another Taiwanese was also injured in the attack, the businessman said.

Vietnamese police have arrested 10 people and are continuing to investigate the incident. They have not released any information on what triggered the fight.

Representative to Vietnam Huang Chih-peng (黃志鵬) said he will meet with provincial officials to appeal for greater protection for Taiwanese businessmen.