Al-Jazeera to screen film about Taiwanese marriage

Staff writer, with CNA

Mon, Jul 29, 2013 - Page 3

Qatar-based international news broadcaster al-Jazeera will air a short documentary on married life in Taiwan next month.

The light-hearted documentary, titled My Father, My Mother (日暮之前的和解), was directed by Chen Chih-han (陳志漢) and focuses on Taiwanese matchmaker and marriage expert Hellen Chen’s (陳海倫) efforts to help her constantly bickering parents fix their 60-year-old marriage.

It will be screened from Aug. 12 to Aug. 15 on al-Jazeera’s Viewfinder Asia show, which is aimed at showcasing films that provide insights into the lives of people in rapidly changing societies across Asia.

“We hope that the film will leave a warm and touching impression of Taiwan in the minds of international viewers,” Wuna Wu (吳汰紝), who produced the 24-minute documentary, said yesterday.

Many people have the impression that older Asian couples do not divorce because they are afraid of losing face, but such a notion overlooks their notions of loyalty and determination to honor the vows they made to one other, which is a beautiful thing, Wu said.

She said that the film, which took a year to produce, aims to show the bonds of solidarity, loyalty and love between Taiwanese parents and their children, as well as those between husbands and wives.