Examinees turn to cartoons, songs to find inspiration

By Chen Yi-ching and Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Thu, Jul 18, 2013 - Page 5

Students taking part in a recent college entrance examination appear to have sought inspiration by drawing cartoons or jotting down the lyrics of popular songs, to the bemusement of their examiners, the College Entrance Examination Center said on Tuesday.

At a press conference to discuss the examinations held earlier this month, the center said candidates this year have yielded their share of “aberrations and rule violations,” with the examiners finding a variety of whimsical additions and doodling on the answer sheets.

One artistically inclined student had sketched Woody, the lead character in the computer-animated film Toy Story, while another attempted to draw a map of the world.

For the test on Mandarin, some students embellished their answer sheets with emoticons.

Another examinee, seemingly stumped for an answer, wrote: “We appreciate your hard work, teachers.”

“When faced with these irregularities, the examiners said they did not know whether to laugh or cry,” staff at the center said.

One examinee wrote down the lyrics of the song Love is Curry (愛就是咖哩) by Taiwanese singer Yen-j (嚴爵) on the answer sheet, while another jotted down the lyrics of Can’t Stop (愛情怎麼喊停), one of the songs in the TV series Fabulous Boys (原來是美男), the center said.

These were all considered violations and penalized with a two-point deduction, the center said.

A total of 164 testing violations were recorded, the most frequent of which was bringing a cellphone into the examination room or wearing a digital watch that makes a sound during the test.

They were followed by examinees continuing to write on their answer sheets after the bell had rung. All violations received a two-point deduction, it said.

The center is mailing out the results of this year’s exams today.