EPA to promote zero-carbon emissions, sustainable development in Kinmen

Staff writer, with CNA

Wed, Jul 10, 2013 - Page 3

The government and the private sector plan to earmark more than NT$4.3 billion (US$142 million) for a project to make Kinmen a zero-carbon-dioxide-emissions area by 2030, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said yesterday.

The EPA, which hosted a meeting attended by a low-carbon promotion team, said the cooperation integrating resources from all fields would boost the “green” economy and sustainable development on Kinmen.

The Executive Yuan project aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per capita from 3.79 tonnes in 2009 to 3 tonnes next year.

By 2020, emissions will hopefully be decreased to 2 tonnes per capita before reaching the final target, EPA said.

The central and Kinmen governments and private firms will start to inject funds over the next six-year period, EPA said.

The goal of zero-carbon emission will be realized through infrastructures in fields of industrial and resources supplies and traffic, construction and daily life, the EPA said, adding that it would promote the energy and tourism sectors once it is completed.

It is estimated that the project for Kinmen will generate NT$821 million per year in value with total emissions reduction up of to 600,000 tonnes, the EPA said.