Book-themed public space opened near Yilan Station

BROUGHT TO LIFE::Picture book artist Jimmy said he was proud the Yilan County Government chose his works as inspiration for the public space’s design

By Jake Chung  /  Staff writer, with CNA

Sat, Jun 29, 2013 - Page 3

A collaboration between the Yilan County Government and renowned Taiwanese picture book artist Jimmy (幾米) saw the creation of a public space dedicated to themes from Jimmy’s works beside the Taiwan Railway Administration’s Yilan Station.

The park opened yesterday, the county government said.

The county government said the park used elements and themes from The Starry, Starry Night (星空), A Chance of Sunshine (向左走,向右走) and Sound of Colors (地下鐵) to create a public space in which county residents may slow down the pace of their lives.

The flying buses and other elements in the picture book Starry Night were taken apart and placed at various locations in the park, giving visitors the sense that they are a part of the story, the county government said.

Life-size representations of the main theme of A Chance of Sunshine — the man and woman walking past each other on parallel horizontal lines — were placed in the plaza.

Jimmy said he was proud that the county government used his picture books as an inspiration for the public space, adding that the space was open to everyone.

The county government said that some equipment had been damaged prior to the opening yesterday.

The county government urged tourists and visitors to be careful when taking pictures of the park to ensure they do not damage the decorations.