Taiwan earns 70 medals at largest US invention show

Staff writer, with CNA, PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania

Sun, Jun 23, 2013 - Page 3

Taiwan bagged 37 gold medals, 33 silver medals and five special awards on Friday at the 28th Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The biggest Taiwanese winner this year was “GoodArch,” a patented far-infrared corrective foot arch support that is inserted into the wearer’s shoes.

GoodArch was designed and manufactured by Taiwan’s Homeway Technology Co and won a gold medal and the title of Grand Prix First Runner-Up at INPEX.

The winning inventions are selected by an international jury that evaluates their usefulness, creativity and overall appeal.

Homeway chairman Hsieh Tung-chen (謝東辰), one of the inventors of GoodArch, said the product was created to help correct people’s posture while walking and standing.

The custom-made arch support enables the 52 bones in the foot to stay in their correct positions and also adjusts the knee joints, hip joints, shoulders and spine to correct the alignment of the entire skeletal structure, Hsieh said.

The far-infrared radiation of the arch support helps improve blood circulation, he added.

Among the other Taiwanese winners at the event, held from Thursday to Friday, was an obesity and aging gene detection chip that earned the Best Invention of the Far East award.

INPEX, the US’ largest invention trade show, aims to serve as a platform for inventors to exhibit their work and network with firms interested in licensing, marketing or manufacturing new products.