Hsu Po-yun indicted on sexual harassment charge

By Rich Chang  /  Staff reporter

Thu, Jun 06, 2013 - Page 3

New Aspect Culture Foundation founder and director Hsu Po-yun (許博允) was indicted yesterday by the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office on suspicion of sexually harassing a female singer.

The woman, surnamed Weng (翁), has accused Hsu, who also serves as an adviser to the Taipei City Symphony and the Taipei City Government, of sexually harassing her at a private gathering and alleged both the symphony and the city government tried to cover up the case.

She had worked with the symphony.

Prosecutors allege that Hsu touched Weng inappropriately on the hand, back, shoulder and waist during the gathering at the pub called Fantasy on Aug. 27 last year, and forcefully kissed her on the lips despite her resistance.

Weng said she felt very uncomfortable after being kissed, and had lost 8kg and sought religious and psychological consultation after the incident, according to the prosecutors.

Prosecutors said they interviewed some Chinese nationals who attended the gathering, who said Hsu was really trying to get close to Weng all night.

Weng had no motive to make a false accusation against Hsu, prosecutors said.

Hsu has denied the accusation, saying he is a friendly person whose gestures were misunderstood.

At a press conference on Sept. 19 last year, Weng said then-Taipei City Symphony director Huang Wei-ming (黃維明), the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Taipei Deputy Mayor Chen Wei-jen (陳威仁) had tried to convince her not to go public with her accusation and not to file a complaint with the city’s sexual harassment prevention committee.

Huang’s contract with the symphony was not renewed in the wake of the controversy over Weng’s allegation.