RTI opens audio-book library with 100 recordings

‘VOICE AND LOVE’::Volunteers from 22 nations have contributed voice recordings in 13 languages so far, and RTI plans to continue with the project

By Loa Iok-sin  /  Staff reporter

Sun, May 26, 2013 - Page 3

Radio Taiwan International’s (RTI) audio-book library featuring more than 100 literary works recorded in 13 languages was yesterday opened to the public, with the radio station inviting anybody around the world who wants to use the service to ask for copies of audiobooks.

“The voice is borderless and it can help to express a person’s feelings, and so is love, for love is something you can feel when it’s there,” RTI president Lee Yu-lung (李猶龍) told a news conference in Taipei. “That is how we came upon the idea to put voice and love together, hoping to deliver these two things to the world.”

RTI began to recruit volunteers to do voice recordings in March. So far, volunteers from 22 countries have done more than 100 audio recordings in 13 languages — including Mandarin, Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese), Hakka, Cantonese, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese, Lee said.

“Opening of the audiobook library is not the end of the recording project. In fact, we continue to recruit volunteers to record more audio-books to enrich our collection,” he added.

Rachel Luo (羅秋香), a spokeswoman for the event, said the project allows the visually impaired to enjoy the beauty of literature.

“Anyone who is interested in getting a copy of a particular audio-book — wherever you are in the world — need only to sign up for RTI membership and fill in the request form online,” Luo said.

“Each visually impaired participant may make a request every two months and can request up to five audio-books at a time,” she said.

“The audio-books will be delivered to you as audio CDs and it’s yours to keep or give to your friends,” Luo added.

For more information, visit the event site at www.rti.org.tw/Ajax/2013/2013_LoveRead/en/Default.aspx.