TAIPEI- MANILA ROW: Family of victim of 2006 attack ask for equal treatment

Staff writer, with CNA

Sun, May 19, 2013 - Page 3

The family of a victim of a shooting incident in 2006 is appealing for the government to give them the same assistance as has been offered to the family of Hung Shih-cheng (洪石成), who was killed by Philippine Coast Guard personnel during an incident on May 9.

In 2006 a Taiwanese fishing boat registered in Taitung County’s Sinkang (新港) was strafed by Philippine law enforcement personnel, killing Chen An-lao (陳安老) and wounding his brother, Chen Ming-te (陳明德).

Although Taiwan prosecuted two Philippine police officers, the case did not progress because the accused refused to come to Taiwan to stand trial.

Alejandro Fabre and Danilo Alasco, both from the province of Batanes, have failed to report to the court in Taiwan and will remain on the wanted list until 2044.

According to the court, the two wanted men fired on a Taitung-registered fishing boat operating in waters 500m southeast of the Philippines’ Sabtang Island.

Taiwan and the Philippines do not have official diplomatic ties, which causes challenges in extraditing criminals, local law experts said.