Department plans minimum age for cosmetic surgery

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Fri, May 10, 2013 - Page 3

The Department of Health (DOH) said yesterday it plans to set a minimum age for accessing medical cosmetology services in an effort to ban elective cosmetic procedures for underage people.

Minister of Health Chiu Wen-ta (邱文達) said the department would establish a committee, comprising experts and doctors, which would set a minimum age for different cosmetic procedures.

Wang Tsung-hsi (王宗曦), deputy director of the Bureau of Medical Affairs, said the department is inclined to ban invasive procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty — commonly known as nose jobs — and liposuction for underage people.

Once approved by the department, the regulations can be put into practice without amending any laws, Wang said.

Doctors who violate the regulations may be subject to fines of between NT$100,000 and NT$500,000, or have their licenses revoked, depending on the situation, he added.

The bureau will monitor advertisements for medical cosmetology services and will alert health officials if any ads are found targeting underage patients.

The decision to set an age limit for medical cosmetic services came after Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Alicia Wang(王育敏) said at a meeting of the legislature’s Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee yesterday that a 13-year-old had recently had a nose job and botox injections, according to media reports.