Taiwan News Quick Take


Sun, May 05, 2013 - Page 3


MOFA warns on UK measles

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is warning people planning to travel to the UK to be on the alert following an outbreak of measles. The ministry said the British media have reported that hospitals have listed more than 800 cases, with one fatality. The ministry said the outbreak occurred mainly in Wales, with 448 cases, northern England, with 354 cases, and London, with 67 cases. The British government has urged 1 million schoolchildren to be vaccinated. In addition, the WHO has notified the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that Saudi Arabia has confirmed seven novel coronavirus cases, with five fatalities and two in critical condition. The CDC on Thursday issued a Level 1 (“watch”) travel notice for 14 countries in the Middle East — Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.


Spoonbill tracking expanded

Taijiang National Park in Greater Tainan said that a program it started last year to fit endangered black-faced spoonbills with transmitters to monitor their migratory routes has been expanded this year. The program involves using both satellite transmitters, which can track movements across borders, and radio transmitters, which can effectively track distances up to 5km, the park said. Four black-faced spoonbills with radio transmitters and another four with satellite transmitters were released last year, the park administration said, adding that it intends to increase the number to five in each category this year. Four younger birds fitted with transmitters were released late last month — two with radio transmitters and two with satellite transmitters. The park administration added it has applied to South Korea for permission to fit transmitters on two black-faced spoonbills capable of reproducing at South Korean habitats.


Boxed meals mislabeled

Boxed meals sold at four major convenience store chains are high in sodium and low in fiber content, the Consumers’ Foundation said. It found that 17 of the 29 meals bought at four chains as samples contained a higher sodium content than half of the WHO’s daily recommended sodium intake of 2,400mg, the foundation said, adding that three of the samples contained sodium levels exceeding 1,900mg. The Department of Health recommends a daily fiber consumption of between 25g and 36g. However, the 29 sampled meals all failed to meet the lowest threshold, with the highest among them containing just 3.27g of fiber, it added. It said the fat content of the boxed meals was also underestimated on the labels.


Travel fair opens in Manila

The nation launched a two-day travel fair in Manila yesterday, in a bid to attract more visitors from the country, a Taiwanese official said. With the theme of “Time for Taiwan,” this year’s campaign highlights Taiwanese food and leisure farms, said Tony Wu (巫宗霖), director of the Kuala Lumpur office of Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau. Tour operators have high hopes for the Philippine market, as the number of visitors from the country to Taiwan rose 16.7 percent last year and 15.46 percent in 2011, Wu said. Nearly 40 officials from 10 tour operators, six leisure farms and several stores in Taiwan took part in the fair, which also featured performances by Taiwanese lion dancers, a magician and singers, as well as Taiwanese snacks.