Taipei to boost job-matching service in city’s 12 districts

By Mo Yan-chih  /  Staff reporter

Thu, May 02, 2013 - Page 3

In an effort to raise the employment rate, Taipei City’s labor and civil affairs departments are working together to provide job-matching service at 12 district centers, offering more detailed employment information and assistance to jobseekers.

Starting this month, each of the 12 district centers will have one employment service worker stationed at the center once a week, helping local residents find work by offering the latest information on job vacancies.

Department of Labor Commissioner Chen Yeh-hsin (陳業鑫) said employment service workers would also visit local borough offices in each district and provide employment information to residents.

Chen added that the department expects the new service to especially benefit middle-aged or elderly jobseekers and people rejoining the job market.

“There are many job vacancies in Taipei, and there are lots of jobseekers. Offering employment service at district centers and borough offices are part of our efforts to bring employment information to jobseekers and give them better access to related information,” he said.

Department of Civil Affairs Commissioner Huang Lu Ching-ju (黃呂錦茹) said the city government has set up employment service stations in 288 local borough offices since 2008. The department will instruct borough chiefs to work with employment service workers and provide jobseekers’ profiles to facilitate job matching.

Fang Ting-hui (方丁輝), a borough chief in Taipei’s Daan District (大安), which began offering employment information to local residents in 2008, said that besides looking for jobs online, employment service offices are a good option for jobseekers.

Personal assistance from employment service workers can also make the job search less intimidating for many people, Fang said.

Taipei City’s Employment Service Office director Yu Shu-chen (游淑真) said the office has helped more than 17,000 Taipei residents find employment in the past five years, and it will seek to raise the city’s employment rate by providing more services.