Amateur snapper wins global award

Staff writer, with CNA, LONDON

Sat, Apr 27, 2013 - Page 3

Taiwanese amateur photographer Lin Chun-chung (林春重) received a Sony World Photography Award in London on Thursday for a shot he took of an annual bull-run in western Indonesia.

Lin won first prize in the National Award category, designed for photographers in participating countries.

The prize-winning photograph was taken in November last year on a hot, sunny day in a village in Batusangkar, West Sumatra.

It depicts a bull runner who is trying to rein in two animals that are running in different directions, and he appears to be in a tug-of-war with them.

Although the bull run event lasted only three minutes, Lin said, he spent two days traveling to and from the Indonesian town.

He described the experience as highly challenging, saying he not only had to take as many shots as possible during the limited time, but also had to be careful of the wild-running animals and the treacherous mud underfoot.

Lin said he plans to travel to India, Bhutan, Nepal and rural regions of China to take more photos.

This year, the Sony World Photography Awards attracted more than 120,000 entries from 170 countries, divided into professional, open, student focus, youth award, 3D and national award categories.

In the professional category, Satoru Kondo, a Japanese national who lives in Taiwan with his Taiwanese wife, won an award in the Nature and Wildlife division for his Moment series of photographs of various flowers.

He is the first professional Japanese photographer to win a Sony World Photography Award since the competition was launched in 2008.

All the winning entries will be exhibited at Somerset House in London until May 12.