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Staff writer, with CNA

Tue, Apr 23, 2013 - Page 5


Artist ranks first in Poland

Doris Yeh (葉湘怡), a member of the metal band Chthonic, has been ranked as the best female metal artist in the world by a Polish rock magazine in its latest edition, the only Asian musician on the list. Yeh said she did not know she was ranked No. 1 on the list until her Polish fans told her that miejsce 1 means “first place” in Polish. She said she was flattered, adding that Poland is one of the few European countries in which her band has not yet performed. “They taught me some Polish. Next time we are going to teach them Taiwanese when we give a concert there,” the bassist said. Among the top 15 females on the list are Angela Gossow of the Swedish band Arch Enemy, Maria Brink from In This Moment from the US, Simone Simons from the Dutch band Epica and Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil of Italy. In addition to the Polish magazine, Yeh was ranked third on the list of the world’s most popular bassists by the Japanese rock magazine Burrn.


Chinese tourists injured

Twenty Chinese tourists were slightly injured in a traffic accident on the Alishan Highway yesterday, police said. The tourists from Shanghai sustained minor injuries when the tour bus in which they were traveling scraped against an oncoming gravel truck at the highway’s 69.2km mark, police said. They were all taken to a nearby medical station for examination and treatment, the police said. The group’s Taiwanese tour guide sustained a fractured ankle and was taken to hospital in Chiayi City for further treatment. The tour bus and gravel truck drivers were uninjured, the police said. The cause of the accident was being investigated, they said.


Partial eclipse on Friday

Stargazers may be able to see a partial eclipse of the full moon on Friday — the only time this celestial event will be visible this year, the Taipei Astronomical Museum said. The partial lunar eclipse is expected to occur between 3:51am and 4:23am on Friday, when the sun, the Earth and the moon line up, it said. A slice of the moon will become relatively invisible, as the shadow of the Earth passes over it, and the part that remains lighted will make for dramatic viewing, the museum said. The last time a similar event occurred was on June 4 last year. Such a phenomenon will not be observable again until Oct. 8 next year, the museum said, adding that the partial lunar eclipse would be observable with the naked eye.


Elderly care idea changing

Having children is no longer considered a guarantee that parents will be cared for in their senior years, a survey published on Sunday said. In the poll conducted by TransGlobe Life Insurance Inc, 84 percent of respondents said they do not expect their children to take care of them when they grow old. Among that group, more than 68 percent said children cannot shoulder such a responsibility because the economy is deteriorating. Almost 13 percent said self-reliance was the only way for seniors to maintain their dignity, while more than 8 percent said it was an outdated idea to rely on children to care for elderly parents. Multiple options were allowed in the poll. The survey showed that 39 percent of respondents have retirement plans, 21 percent have not taken any action in this regard and 35 percent have not yet thought about retirement. The other 5 percent said they are already retired. The survey collected 1,050 valid responses among people aged 29 to 70.