Tree-sitter inspires effort to save 32 trees from project

By Lee I-chia  /  Staff reporter

Sat, Apr 06, 2013 - Page 3

An environmentalist has been sitting in a tree for nine days at New Taipei Municipal Chiang-Tsui Junior High School to protect the trees from being removed, and tree protection volunteers said they hope to come up with a way to keep the trees, while allowing a development project to continue.

Thirty-two old trees are to be removed to make space for the project.

Serious damage to five old trees as a result of attempts to remove them last month prompted Pan Han-chiang (潘翰疆), head of a tree protection volunteer group, to climb into one of the trees. He has remained in the tree since March 28.

In an effort to resolve the matter a workshop is to be held today, and the community’s residents are invited to discuss alternative plans, Pan Han-shen (潘翰聲) from the Green Party Taiwan said, adding that they hope to resume negotiations with the city government on the construction designs.