Illegal immigrant to be deported after stay of 25 years

Staff writer, with CNA

Wed, Mar 20, 2013 - Page 3

A Malaysian man of ethnic Chinese descent is to be deported today after more than two decades of staying in Taiwan illegally, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) said yesterday.

The Malaysian man, surnamed Ng, came to the authorities’ attention when he was stopped for a traffic violation in January in Hsinchu.

It was found that he had been living in Taiwan for 25 years without proper legal status. He was subsequently sent to the NIA’s Hsinchu Detention Center.

The detention center said Ng had made total donations of NT$250,000 (US$8,400) to public welfare groups over the past four years.

Ng, 59, said he was a construction worker in Malaysia when he decided to travel to Taiwan on a tourist visa in search of work, because wages in Taiwan were higher.

He lived in Taoyuan County for 22 years before moving to Hsinchu three years ago, he said, and he wanted to help people.