Air quality in western Taiwan ‘unhealthy’: EPA

By Lee I-chia  /  Staff reporter

Tue, Feb 26, 2013 - Page 4

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) yesterday said that the air pollution in some parts of western Taiwan had reached “unhealthy” levels yesterday and that the poor air quality was expected to continue today.

The agency said its air quality monitoring and forecast data showed that the atmospheric dispersion in some parts in the west of the country had been poor during the past two days, causing pollutants to accumulate easier and raising the level of particulate matter.

It said that if atmospheric conditions today remain the same as yesterday, the poor air quality in these areas is likely to continue for the next two days.

Data collected at 6pm yesterday indicates that the level of air pollution in Yunlin and Chiayi counties, Greater Tainan and some parts of Greater Kaohsiung were still ranked as “unhealthy” in the Pollutant Standards Index, the agency’s air quality monitoring Web site showed. The air quality in other areas in the west of the country was ranked “moderately” unhealthy.

In addition, the agency predicted that these unhealthy conditions would remain the same today, with only Hualien and Taitung counties registering “good” air quality, while other areas’ air quality would range from “moderate” to “unhealthy.”

The agency advised elderly people, children and those with weak immune systems, cardiovascular diseases or respiratory diseases to refrain from undertaking physically exerting activities outdoor for too long while air quality is poor.