Think tank recommends boost for tourist locations

Staff writer, with CNA

Thu, Feb 07, 2013 - Page 4

The government should publicize quality tourist sites and enhance transport in scenic areas to boost tourism, a think tank executive recommended on Tuesday.

Tu Jenn-hwa (杜震華), director of the Commerce Development Research Institute’s Department of Business Development and Policy, said there are many lesser-known spots, such as the National Museum of Taiwan History in Greater Tainan, that are worth developing as major tourist sites.

Making them more accessible and publicizing them could expand travel options for domestic and foreign tourists, and draw people away from better-known attractions and areas that are often overcrowded, Tu said at a press briefing.

However, getting people to more obscure destinations would require investment in infrastructure, Tu said.

“Building up a comprehensive traffic network is a must,” because some attractions are not easy to reach, he said.

There should also be a system to rate guesthouses, which have become a popular form of accommodation, Tu said.