Independent Kang voted Jhunan Township mayor

By Loa Iok-sin  /  Staff reporter

Sun, Feb 03, 2013 - Page 3

Independent candidate Kang Shih-ming (康世明) yesterday won the by-election for the mayorship of Jhunan Township (竹南) in Miaoli County.

Kang earned 12,258 votes, beating his Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) rival, Chen Pi-hua (陳碧華), by 2,833 votes and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rival, Lee Chen-hua (李震華), by 8,148 votes, information released by the Miaoli County Election Commission showed.

The official tally shows that among the 60,108 eligible voters in the township, only 25,989 — or 43.24 percent — cast their votes.

With 196 invalid ballots, the votes that Kang received accounted for 47.52 percent of all valid ballots, while KMT candidate Chen took 9,452, or 36.54 percent, and DPP candidate Lee garnered 4,110, or 15.93 percent, official data showed.

The mayorship was left vacant when former Jhunan mayor Kang Shih-ju (康世儒), the elder brother of mayor-elect Kang Shih-ming, had his election revoked by the Taiwan High Court in November last year.

Kang Shih-ju was elected as Jhunan’s 14th mayor in 2002 and reelected as mayor in 2006. He resigned from the post in 2009 after winning a legislative by-election.

The mayorship was left vacant when Hsieh Ching-chuan (謝清泉) passed away in Oct. 2011.

Kang Shih-ju then ran in last year’s mayoral by-election and won the mayorship.

However, the court ruled that Kang Shih-ju having served as Jhunan’s 14th, 15th and 16th mayor was a violation of the Local Government Act (地方制度法), which stipulates that a person may only serve two consecutive terms as head of a local government and revoked Kang Shih-ju’s elected status in November last year.