Hsinchu getting ready to unveil Taiwan Pavilion

CITY BOOST::The local government is hoping the pavilion, which showcases technology as well as some of the nation’s attractions, will lift its visitor numbers

By Hung Mei-hsiu and Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Thu, Jan 24, 2013 - Page 3

With a high price tag for its purchase and refurbishment, the Taiwan Pavilion that was erected at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will have its trial opening on Feb. 10 and officially open to the public on Feb. 21 in Hsinchu City.

Hsinchu purchased the pavilion for more than NT$450 million (US$15.53 million), with the aim of establishing an industrial innovation park as part of efforts to boost tourism.

The building was designed by prominent Taiwanese architect Lee Tsu-yuan (李祖原), who also designed Taipei 101.

The pavilion not only highlights Taiwan’s cutting-edge technology, but also showcases some of Taiwan’s best natural and cultural attractions, including Sun Moon Lake (日月潭), Yingge ceramics, rocks from Yushan (玉山) and an infinity pool symbolizing the Pacific Ocean.

Despite encountering problems and delays during the pavilion’s installation at its new location, the city government is hailing it as “the most important public project in the past two decades.”

Work on the lantern-shaped pavilion’s new Hsinchu site on 4.95 hectares of public zoning land next to a Taiwan Fertilizer Co complex, has been ongoing for some time, and has recently been completed.

The city government decided to involve the private sector in the development of the site, but the tender invitation for open bids fell through three times.

Finally, the bid was won by the operators of Kindom Construction Corp’s Global Mall in July last year, who announced earlier this week that the trial opening date had been set for Feb. 10, to coincide with the Lunar New Year.

Tickets are to be priced at NT$200 (daytime) and NT$250 (nighttime), the operators said, adding that Hsinchu residents can enjoy one free admission by showing their city ID card.