DPP lawmaker says PRC market is ‘unavoidable’

Staff writer, with CNA, SHANGHAI

Wed, Jan 23, 2013 - Page 3

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Hsu Tain-tsair (許添財) said during his first visit to China on Monday that the country is an “unavoidable” and “undeniable” market for Taiwan.

Hsu, who has served two terms as mayor of Tainan and has been elected to the legislature five times, made the comments after meeting Chinese financial experts in Shanghai.

Hsu said that the normalization of economic ties between Taiwan and China has given rise to various problems.

“If we can’t solve these problems, both sides of the Taiwan Strait will suffer,” he said.

Hsu said that economic uncertainty and market intervention would hurt both nation’s economies.

He warned that Taiwan could pay a heavy price if it failed to resolve these problems because if its economy began to sink, then democracy could take a step backward and the social cost paid by Taiwanese would be high. However, he did not elaborate.

“What worries me is the autonomy of Taiwan’s economy: how healthy it is, particularly in terms of its dependency on the Chinese market,” he said.

Hsu said that it is critical for Taiwan’s economy to achieve healthy development since it can no longer avoid or deny its need to use the Chinese market.

It is important that “we come to China to gain an understanding of the country first-hand by meeting local officials and researchers,” he said.

Hsu is leading a 10-member group of former local government officials and businesspeople on the visit. The group will proceed to Beijing today before traveling to Xiamen.