Poll reveals Taichung’s top 20 visitor attractions

By Hsieh Feng-chiu and Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Sat, Dec 22, 2012 - Page 3

A recent public poll has helped identify Greater Taichung’s top 20 attractions, with the city’s bustling night markets, iconic historic temples and the natural beauty of central Taiwan’s mountains all making the final list.

The poll was conducted by the city government’s Tourism and Travel Bureau.

The list of “Top 20 Must-See Attractions of Greater Taichung,” included local favorites and famous tourist sites in central Taiwan — Fengjia Business District and Night Market (逢甲商圈), Dajia Chenn Lann Temple (大甲鎮瀾宮), Lishan Mountain (梨山) and Dasyue Shan National Forest Recreation Area (大雪山遊樂區).

Others sites which made the list are: Houfeng and Dongfeng Green Bicycle Ways (后豐及東豐自行車道), Calligraphy Greenway Cultural District (草悟道), Wufeng Lin Family Gardens (霧峰林家花園), Gaomei Wetland (高美濕地), Xinshe Business District (新社商圈), Dakeng Scenic Area (大坑風景區), Taichung Park (台中公園), Guguang Hot Springs (古關溫泉), Yijhong Business District (一中商圈), Luce Memorial Chapel and surrounding cultural district (路思義教堂及藝術商圈), Wanhe Temple (萬和宮), Lecheng Temple (樂成宮), Dongshi Forest Park (東勢林場) Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory (月眉觀光糖廠), Lihpao Land Park (麗寶樂園) and Taichung Rail Station Business District.

The bureau said visitors can find out more about these places through a free booklet “Greater Taichung is Fun — Top 20 Must-See Attractions” available around the city in city government offices and at four tourist information centers.

According to the bureau, Taichung district offices offered a preliminary list of 90 well-known sites as candidates for the poll, from which experts then selected 40 for the public to vote on. The voting accounted for 30 percent of the overall grading, while assessment by the experts accounted for 70 percent, the bureau said.

The poll was conducted from Sept. 4 through Oct. 31 and attracted several million votes nationwide, said Chang Ta-chun (張大春), head of the Tourism and Travel Bureau.