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Staff writer, with CNA

Fri, Nov 23, 2012 - Page 5


Alliance touts anti-finning

A fishermen’s alliance in Pingtung County said on Wednesday that it is promoting an anti-shark-finning policy by increasing the profitability of the rest of the shark. The Liuchiu Fishermen’s Association said it has successfully developed shark fishballs in an effort to increase the economic value of the entire shark carcass as part of efforts to encourage fishermen to comply with the government’s anti-finning policy, adopted in April this year. Under the agency’s policy, fishermen are banned from harvesting only shark fins and are required to bring back the whole shark to port before removing the fins.


Killer captain deported

A Taiwanese fishing boat captain responsible for the deaths of 15 Chinese crewmen in a case that occurred in 1999 was deported from Mauritius on Tuesday after being released on parole from a 20-year prison term. A homicide investigation was launched on Wednesday by the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors’ Office. The captain, Kung Tai-an (龔泰安), was arrested on the Indian Ocean island 13 years ago when he landed after murdering 12 of his crew and abandoning three others, who jumped overboard to avoid being shot. Their bodies were never found, according to the Criminal Investigation Bureau’s International Criminal Affairs Division. During the Lunar New Year holiday in 1999, the Chin Ching No. 12 sailed to the Indian Ocean with a crew of 24 — 18 Chinese, four Taiwanese and two Filipinos — the division said, adding that the four Taiwanese and two Filipinos testified as witnesses in the case against Kung. Kung shot the 12 Chinese crewmen on Feb. 16 following mounting anger at their refusal to extend their contracts.