Woman able to walk again after treatment in Taiwan

Staff writer, with CNA

Thu, Nov 15, 2012 - Page 3

A Peruvian woman who underwent medical treatment for five months in Taiwan expressed her gratitude to the country yesterday for helping her recover from a condition that causes severe swelling of the legs.

“Thank you, Taiwan,” 32-year-old Mercedes Ordinola said through an interpreter at a news conference held at China Medical University Hospital in Greater Taichung, where she received her treatment.

Ordinola has suffered from chronic lymphedema of the lower extremities for the past 20 years.

The woman became bedridden three years ago, when she lost her ability to walk, the hospital said.

Due to a bone infection that spread from her phalanges to her temporomandibular joint, Ordinola could not open her mouth, leaving her unable to eat solid food.

That led to malnutrition in the patient, the hospital said.

Ordinola arrived in Taiwan in early June, with the help of financial support from donors and sponsors in both countries.

Chen Hung-chi (陳宏基), head of the hospital’s International Medical Center, said Ordinola’s legs have been restored to their normal size following more than 10 surgeries over the past five months and that she could now walk using mobility aids.

Ordinola can now open her mouth up to 3cm wide and speak clearly after an operation to mend her temporomandibular joint, Chen added.