Executive Yuan approves draft bill on toxic chemicals

By Jason Pan  /  Staff writer, with CNA

Fri, Nov 02, 2012 - Page 3

The Executive Yuan yesterday approved a draft bill for the Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act (毒性化學物質管理法), which proposes a new mechanism for the registration of toxic substances.

It includes definitions of both new and existing chemical substances and requires companies to report and register chemical substances, whether domestic or imported, once a minimum threshold amount has been reached.

Government agencies will designate a category list for chemicals requiring registration. The draft bill stipulates that companies report and register with agencies to provide information on the origin, import procedures, physical and chemical properties, toxicity, danger of exposure and hazard assessment of the substances.

Reinforced control and management of less hazardous Category 4 toxic chemicals are also outlined, with added provisions for reporting prior to their transportation and handling. The provisions call for specific labeling of a material’s toxicity, prevention of pollution and other information.

The draft bill requires transport companies to provide information on procurement, manufacturing, transshipment, accounting and warehouse stocking, as well as invoices for the sale and import or export of toxic chemicals.

To lessen the impact on chemical firms, requirements on the registration mechanism and Category 4 toxic substances will not come into effect until a year after their approval for public notification. Other provisions will become effective on the date of public notification.