Activists demand MOJ fire cat-abusing inspector

Staff reporter

Mon, Oct 08, 2012 - Page 3

Hundreds of animal rights activists and animal lovers gathered in front of the Legislative Yuan yesterday, urging the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to dismiss an Investigation Bureau inspector for abusing a stray cat.

The protest was organized by the Please Support Trap-Neuter-Release of Stray Cats Project (TNR project), joined by several animal rights protection groups, including the Help-Save-A-Pet Fund Taiwan, the Animal Protection Association, the Republic of Cats, Dogs and People and others.

Holding banners that read: “No one has the right to put me to death, being a stray is not my fault,” the activists, wearing black, said the demerit issued by the ministry to the inspector surnamed Lo (羅) was not enough.

“We urged the ministry to suspend him from duty, “Animals Taiwan executive director Peter Pan (潘樹渝) said, adding Lo has admitted to abusing more than 30 cats.

Lo’s abusive behavior was witnessed earlier last month by a woman who lived in the neighborhood, who saw Lo using a hose to spray a cat in a cage, the TNR project said, adding that the cat was later found nearly dead in a rice sack dumped beside a water tower in an alley behind Lo’s apartment in New Taipei City’s (新北市) Sijhih (汐止) District.

The cat was found tied up with nylon ropes, with a bruised right eye, fractured limbs, scald wounds, missing claws and contusions on its body. The animal was sent to a veterinarian for emergency treatment, but died of multiple organ failure, the TNR project said.

“There is no problem with not liking cats, but there is no need to hurt them, and Lo — who has abused more than 30 cats, should be punished for it,” the TNR project said.