Bugs and insects exhibition opens in Greater Kaohsiung

By Jason Pan  /  Staff writer, with CNA

Wed, Oct 03, 2012 - Page 5

Kids and adults are getting an opportunity to see the wonderful and diverse forms and shapes of insects in their natural environment at an exhibition that opened in Greater Kaohsiung this weekend.

The exhibition entitled “Insects and their Natural World — An Education Expo,” has many rarely-seen bugs, as well as colorful worms and other strange-looking creepy crawlies on display.

Held at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, next to the Dream Mall, the insect expo opened on Friday and runs through Dec. 2.

Among the show’s 10 major display areas, seven have specific presentation themes on insects and other creatures: “Live Terrestrial Beetles,” “Dancing with Butterflies,” “Insect Specimen Exhibit,” “Top Martial Art Fighters of the Insect World,” “Insect Camouflage Experts,” “Special Landscape of Aquatic Insects” and “Amphibians and Reptiles.”

The other three areas are designed as hands-on education units and include “The Big World of Little Bugs,” “Insects’ Tough Men Contest in the Wrestling Ring,” and “Insect Classroom for Children.”

Upon entering, visitors can first see rows of glass tanks housing a wide range of insects, with a number of rare species, such as the super-sized “Giant Rhinoceros” beetle, varieties of stag beetle, Dynastes satanas beetles and the native Taiwan mountain stag beetle.

“We have many rare and valuable world-class insects on display. Most of their habitats are forests high in the mountains and some are endangered. Through modern science and biotechnology, a number of these habitats are being restored and propagated successfully. We can show these beautiful creatures to the audience here,” said Chang Chung-yi (張宗義), general manager of Since Pro International Co, the organizer of the show.

The exhibits allow people to discover the wonder of these exotic species, uncover their natural environment and learn about insects, Chang said.