Review committee formed to screen out prosecutors

By Rich Chang  /  Staff Reporter

Tue, Jan 10, 2012 - Page 2

The Ministry of Justice yesterday formed a prosecutor review committee that would allow legal experts and lawyers to join forces in reviewing prosecutors whose practices have been deemed “questionable.”

The Judges Act (法官法), enacted on July 6 last year, stipulated the that a judge review committee and a prosecutor review committee must be formed within half a year.

The prosecutor review committee has 11 members and includes prosecutors Hung Tai-wen (洪泰文), Cheng Hsin-hung (鄭鑫宏) and Chang Hsiao Wen (張曉雯), Supreme Court judge Shao Yen-ling (邵燕玲), attorneys Wu Guang-luk (吳光陸), Kao Yung-cheng (高涌誠) and Nigel Li (李念祖), and professors Chan San-lin (詹森林), Tsai Ming-cheng (蔡明誠), Peng Wen-cheng (彭文正) and Chang Li-ching (張麗卿).

Minister of Justice Tseng Yung-fu (曾勇夫) said at the ceremony for the establishment of the review committee that in the past, the ministry and prosecutors investigated whether prosecutors violated any regulations or laws and disciplined or charged those offending prosecutors, but the investigation results were not trusted by the public because people believed the prosecutorial system would cover for prosecutors.

Tseng said outsiders — experts and attorneys — could now join in the review and investigation of prosecutors and that as a result, a fair review system could be expected.

The committee has already targeted several prosecutors for investigation, the minister said.