Accident victim discharged after liver repositioned

Staff Writer, with CNA

Wed, May 25, 2011 - Page 2

An accident victim whose liver was pushed into his chest cavity left a Chiayi hospital yesterday almost one month after doctors returned his liver to its proper place through minimally invasive surgery.

The victim was among eight workers hired by the Forestry Bureau to plant trees in the Alishan Forest Recreation Park who were injured when their car fell into a valley on April 28. A ninth passenger was killed.

The man, identified only by his family name of Pan (潘), was taken to the St Martin de Porres Hospital in Chiayi City because he had breathing difficulties.

Doctors found that his liver had been pushed through his diaphragm into his chest and was crowding his lungs, which caused the breathing problems.

After ascertaining that Pan was not suffering from any other problem, the doctors decided to use minimally invasive surgery to restore his liver to its proper place.

Lu Hsi-ping (陸希平), the hospital’s lead thoracic surgeon, said ruptures of the diaphragm are usually caused by strong shocks to the abdomen like those sustained in car accidents, although they can also be the result of domestic violence.