Family proud of son's marriage to Al Gore's daughter


Sun, Jul 22, 2007 - Page 4

Tainan's Lee Chin-mu (李清木) is proud that his eldest son is now former US vice president Al Gore's son-in-law.

The Chinese-language China Times reported yesterday that Gore's youngest daughter Sarah Gore, 28, a medical student at UC San Francisco, married Los Angeles businessman Bill Lee (李君偉), 36, at the Beverly Hills Hotel on July 14.

Lee is the eldest son of Lee Chin-mu, who is a professor of anaesthesia. The elder Lee is from Tainan County. He moved to the US soon after graduating from the medical school of National Taiwan University.

Lee Chin-mu was very excited about the wedding, and he called his relatives in Taiwan to share his happiness with them on the wedding day, the paper reported.

According to Lee, his family invited almost 300 guests to the wedding banquet. The family also hired many security guards just to keep the paparazzi away.

Their wedding guests included former US president Bill Clinton and his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

The paper quoted members of the Lee family as saying that they are very proud to become in-laws of the Gore family.

Former US vice president Gore is perhaps the world's most high-profile environmental activist.