Taipei begins new program to improve doorplate beauty

IMPRESSION: Huang Lu Chin-ru said the city will be cleaner and better organized by replacing and maintaining old plates that cannot be read

By Mo Yan-chih  /  STAFF REPORTER

Fri, Jul 20, 2007 - Page 2

Seeking to manage Taipei's unkempt doorplates, the city's Department of Civil Affairs is launching a doorplate beautification program to improve the city's image and save people from difficulty finding locations with unclear doorplates.

The doorplate beautification program, which runs through November, will inspect a total of 93,408 households' doorplates on 639 major roads and replace old doorplates with new ones after confirming addresses.

"We are hoping to make the city cleaner and more organized by providing this doorplate replacement service," commissioner of the department Huang Lu Chin-ru (黃呂錦茹) said yesterday during an inspection tour in Zhongzheng District.

According to Huang, the department will replace unclear or broken doorplates for free. Residents will also be encouraged to keep their doorplates clean.

Huang said the department will soon hold a doorplate beautification competition to award households with specially designed or creative doorplates.

Huang said that the department will expand the service to households in alleys in the future.

The department further encourages residents to report broken or stolen doorplates to borough chiefs or registration offices, and the department will provide the replacement service.

Expressing his support for the program, Hsiao Ying-cheng (蕭銀城), chief of Zhongzheng district's household registration office, said doorplate inspection will also help confirm the correctness of the addresses on the doorplates, and make municipal works more efficient.

Hsiao said the Zhongzheng district covered two of the city's most popular shopping areas, including the Taipei Main Station area and Gongguan, and the inspection of more than 8,000 doorplates in the two areas will help to improve the district's appearance.