Mountain medical stations to open on holidays, weekends


Mon, Jan 01, 2007 - Page 2

Two medical stations have been opened on Hohuanshan (合歡山) to provide medical treatment on weekends and national holidays to those receiving injuries during snow season.

One station is at Kuenyang Villa in central Taiwan and the other is located in Hohuan Villa, a health official said yesterday.


Hohuanshan is situated on the border between Hualien and Nantou counties.

The inaugural ceremony for the Kuenyang medical station was hosted by Chen Mei-ting (陳美汀), a medical affairs official at Nantou County's Health Bureau and Chaou Wun-tsong (趙文崇), who is the superintendent of Puli Christian Hospital in Nantou County, the official said.

The medical team began providing medical services shortly after hymns, accompanied by the superintendent on accordion, were sung to celebrate the opening, the official said.

Doctors dispatched

Local hospitals will soon dispatch doctors and nurses to be stationed there.

The station will be equipped with diagnostic and treatment rooms as well as patient beds.

It will offer 24-hour emergency and routine medical treatment during the holidays.

The service will run until the end of next month, which typically marks the end of the nation's high-mountain snow season.


The Kuenyang medical station was funded by the Department of Health in conjunction with medical professionals from Nantou Christian Hospital, Chu Shang Show Chwan Hospital, Puli Veterans Hospital, the Health Center in Renai township and Puli Christian Hospital.

All of these hospitals are located in Nantou County.

Meanwhile, in a bid to ensure that those who venture into the high mountains receive a high standard of medical treatment, the aid station at Hohuan Villa is being staffed by professionals who work at the Mennonite Christian Hospital in Hualien County.