Injured Chinese tourists fly home


Sat, Oct 28, 2006 - Page 2

Eight Chinese tourists who sustained severe injuries in a bus crash while traveling in Taiwan earlier this month were escorted home on Thursday by a Taiwanese emergency medical team, a medical source said yesterday.

Escorted by members of the Life Star emergency medical team, the eight patients were accommodated in separate wardrooms remodeled from the business class section of a passenger aircraft for their trip home to the northeastern city of Dalian, said a doctor surnamed Kuo, who is the leader of the team.

It is hoped that the Life Star mission will initiate cross-Taiwan strait cooperation in emergency transport, Kuo said.

He added that Taiwan's emergency medical service system could also potentially offer services to Beijing to help prepare the Chinese capital for the 2008 Olympic Games in terms of emergency service planning and personnel training.

Life Star teams -- manned by emergency doctors and specialists aided with special equipment, including inflatable negative pressure isolation chambers and portable altitude chambers -- began their operations in January this year.