Taiwan Quick Take: Deer takes to Chiayi streets

Tue, May 16, 2006 - Page 3

Firefighters in Chiayi City reported yesterday that they had captured a rare, protected Formosan sambar deer on a city street. The firefighters said they received calls from the public that a deer had been sighted in a shed on Tungyi Road. When they arrived, they found a small, 60cm high Formosan sambar deer. Careful not to scare the animal away, the firefighters spent about two hours trying to catch the deer. The deer, which was found to be suffering from multiple injuries, was taken to a fire station and would later be handed over to livestock authorities for handling. As Fomosan sambar deers usually live in mountainous areas above 1,500m, the firefighters suspected that the deer might have been a captive that had escaped. The firefighters added that they had helped remove wasp bikes, capture snakes and rescue pet animals, but this was the first time they had caught a protected animal.