Penghu tourism season kicks off with unique car race and seafood festival


Thu, Jul 17, 2003 - Page 4

The 2003 Penghu tourism season will kick off on July 26, featuring activities such as a unique car race, a food festival and a swimming contest, said Lin Yaw-ken (林耀根), director of the Penghu County Government's tourism department, at a news conference yesterday.

Since the peak seafood season has already begun, Penghu is inviting people from across the country to have fun in the beautiful Penghu Archipelago, Lin said.

Among the fantastic variety of seafood cuisine, one dish, "crystal squid," which is famous for its shining eyes and transparent skin, will be highlighted at the promotional event.

"Black tuna is now a renowned delicacy of Pintung County and crystal squid stands for Penghu County from now on," Kuo Chin-lau (郭慶老), chief secretary of the Council of Agriculture's Fisheries Agency, said.

"The fat-free crystal squid is delicious either cooked or raw," said Hung Tong-tau (洪東濤), deputy superintendent of Penghu National Scenic Area Administration.

Hung guaranteed that crystal squid will be even tastier than black tuna.

In addition to delicious food, a four-day racing competition will also run from July 24 to July 27, demonstrating the first-ever closed-track car race in this country, according to Penghu tourism officials.

"It will be a very special event," said Chen Long-sheng (陳榮盛), vice chairman of the National Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

This kind of closed-track race has only been held in Macau and Monte Carlo, according to Chen. Penghu is therefore going to be the third city worldwide to host such an event.

After enjoying the great food and the exciting car race, it will be time to indulge yourself in the refreshing waters along the archipelago in order to stay cool in the scorching summer heat.

"There will be a swimming contest across Penghu Bay on the morning of July 27," said Lin, adding that Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) will also get into the waters with high-ranking officials from Taipei City Government.