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US Science journal features Taiwan bird study on cover

Staff writer, with CNA, LOS ANGELES

A US scientific journal last week published a Taiwanese-US collaborative study and featured a Taiwanese blue magpie in flight on its cover, which a Taiwanese-American researcher said was a nod to the nation’s strength in scientific research.

The journal Cell on Wednesday last week featured the study titled “The Making of a Flight Feather: Bio-architectural Principles and Adaptation,” which explores how the structure and evolution of feathers allow birds to take to the air, Taiwanese-born American scientist Chuong Cheng-ming (鍾正明) said on Monday.

Chuong, who was a researcher in the study, said the report brings revolutionary ideas to the design and development of biomimetic materials — materials developed using inspiration from nature.

The study, which was led by Taiwan’s China Medical University and the University of Southern California (USC), with contributions from eight other universities and research institutions, examined the evolution of flight feathers by comparing those that have evolved to adapt to current environments with those that were preserved in amber about 100 million years ago.

“The study is particularly meaningful because it shows the results of cross-disciplinary research and cooperation between Taiwan and the US,” said Chuong, who is an academician in life sciences at Academia Sinica and a professor in USC’s pathology department.

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