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Association offers emergency aid for abandonded rabbits

By Hsu Li-chuan and Jake Chung  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Founded in 2009 to educate people about how to properly care for rabbits, the Taiwan Rabbit Saving Association also offers emergency aid and midway home services for rabbits abandoned by their owners.

“We wanted to draw attention to the fact that rabbits are also mistreated, but are overshadowed by the mistreatment of cats and dogs because the latter two are the most common house pets,” said Liu Li-wen, an administrator of the association’s Kaohsiung chapter.

According to Liu, rabbits are often abandoned because of their rapid breeding.

Rabbits are only pregnant for one month and give birth to 4-6 baby rabbits per litter, he said, and they can immediately be impregnated after giving birth.

Frequently, owners who had not spayed their rabbits would soon see a house full of them, which would lead to unsanitary conditions, Liu said.

Liu said the association only allows the adoption of adult rabbits to avoid potential adopters being deceived by the small size of baby rabbits.

Adopters are also tested on basic knowledge of how to care for rabbits, and they are asked to chip their rabbits and register them, he added.

“Rabbits are, by nature, somewhere between dogs and cats, being somewhat clingy, but not entirely aloof,” he said.

Liu said the association also holds events for owners to share their experiences, adding that there is at least one event each year when pet rabbits can enter a competition and perform different tricks or skills.

The association also offers temporary housing for rabbits, or midway homes, he said, adding that all expenses are paid for by the association.

The association also called on the public to adopt rather than buy pets to stop overcrowding in shelters.

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