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Police sweep late-night venues after violent incidents

By Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter

Kaohsiung police inspect a KTV establishment as part of a series of sweeps of bars and entertainment venues in the city on Saturday night.

Photo: Huang Liang-chieh, Taipei Times

Police over the weekend conducted sweeps at nightclubs, hostess bars and other entertainment venues in major cities, and stepped up roadside checks in commercial areas after a spate of street brawls and other violent incidents made headlines last week.

Local police were instructed to deploy extra patrols and conduct sweeps at nighttime entertainment venues to maintain public security and crack down on gang activity, National Police Agency officials said yesterday.

Tips from the public and investigations pointed to local gangs as sources of the violence, possibly in conjunction with organized crime syndicates, police said.

More than 100 officers in Taipei took part in an operation from Saturday evening until early yesterday morning to police “special entertainment businesses” near Taipei 101, in the commercial strips on Zhongshan N and Linsen N roads, and in areas of Daan District (大安), the Taipei City Police Department said.

Police checked ID cards and looked for illegal drugs and firearms at nightclubs, hostess bars, arcades and other nighttime venues, the department said.

Street violence and fighting between gangs continued over the weekend, following serious brawls between groups in Taichung and New Taipei City last week, Taipei Vice Squad Captain Wu Kun-tsai (吳坤財) said.

“We are targeting known gang members and will take them in for questioning if they are found to have fought or engaged in other illegal activities,” he said.

Operations were also conducted in the downtown areas of Kaohsiung and Taichung, where officials said that the show of force would deter criminal activity and would reduce trouble due to alcohol consumption.

About 100 police officers were mobilized in New Taipei City and Keelung to conduct sweeps at KTV parlors, nightclubs and hostess bars, where sniffer dogs detected amphetamine, ketamine and other illegal drugs.

Police said that several patrons were arrested.

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