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2018 ELECTIONS: Google’s election doodle delights many in Taiwan

By Jonathan Chin  /  Staff writer

Photo: Screengrab by Taipei Times

A Google doodle with the Republic of China (ROC) flag and a ballot box on Google’s homepage for Taiwan-based IP addresses to mark yesterday’s elections sparked excitement on social media.

The doodle — featuring the “G” and the two “O”s holding ballots and the “L” an “E” moving away from the ballot box — went online at midnight and by yesterday afternoon the story had gone viral on the Professional Technology Temple (PTT), the nation’s biggest online bulletin board.

“Surprised to see the national flag on Google. Entering the link, I found that it is about the elections as expected,” the first PTT poster said. “Is it the first time the national flag has been on Google? Is a certain nation going to have a meltdown?”

Some users said they expected the doodle to strike a blow against China’s territorial claims.

“Somebody get a broom, there is going to be broken glass,” one commentator said in a reference to the “glass hearts” of Chinese citizens.

However, others said that only Internet users in Taiwan would be able to see the doodle, as it was nation-specific

“There will not be broken glass, they cannot see Google from inside the cage,” one person wrote.

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