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Japanese praise Taiwanese tourists in Web survey

By Jake Chung  /  Staff writer

Japanese tourist information Web site Live Japan on Tuesday last week published a list of seven impressions that Japanese have of Taiwanese tourists.

A manager of a Niki no Kashi snack store surnamed Nakagawa told the Tokyo-based site that Taiwanese customers are considerate toward others, an ideal that is shared by Japanese.

They usually prepare beforehand and know the names of the items they would like to buy, Nakagawa said, adding that others ask if an item is available by showing clerks a photograph on their cellphone.

A receptionist surnamed Iimura at Gurunavi, a Web site that compiles information about the Japanese gourmet scene, said that Taiwanese plan their trips and reserve seats at recommended restaurants.

Many respondents said that Taiwanese tourists are friendly and sensible, a departure from the stereotypical view that Taiwanese women are domineering, the survey showed.

“Many Taiwanese usually wait for you to finish your sentence,” an unnamed respondent said, while another said that Taiwanese are friendly and smiled often, giving others the impression of friendliness.

Taiwanese tourists of all ages speak English well, Iimura and a fellow Gurunavi receptionist surnamed Terashima said, adding that while the office has staff who are fluent in Chinese, most receptionists usually start their questions in English.

Many older Taiwanese also speak fluent English, they added.

Taiwanese are affectionate, Terashima said, citing a couple who returned to the office the day after she provided them with assistance to give her a box of sweets.

That the couple used their limited time in Japan to personally express their thanks showed that Taiwanese have an affectionate disposition, Terashima said.

Taiwanese tourists are experienced and tend not to visit places recommended by bloggers, Iimura said, adding that some Taiwanese have even seen more of Japan’s tour hot spots than Japanese have.

Taiwanese are also less prone to visit “entry-level” tourist sites, and usually buy food or items they need or want, as opposed to expensive boutique items, Iimura said.

A restaurant manager in Tokyo’s Asakusa area said that Taiwanese are like Japanese in that they make little noise when eating and are not prone to scattering food or waste.

They are also observant and willing to follow Japanese culture, the manager said, adding: “We very much welcome Taiwanese.”

Young women in Japan place great emphasis on makeup, but many Japanese believe that Taiwanese women use just the right amount, Iimura said, adding that their makeup is barely indiscernible, to the point that people sometimes ask if they are wearing any.

“Their features and friendly nature ensure that Taiwanese are well-liked around the globe, not just in Japan,” Iimura said.

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