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Acid rain worst in Hsinchu

Acid rain was recorded most frequently in Hsinchu during the first 11 months of last year, a study commissioned by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) showed yesterday. Eighty-five percent of rain in Hsinchu was acidic, meaning that for every 100 days of rain, 85 of those days saw acidic rain, the study by National Central University found. Second-highest was Taoyuan’s Jhongli District (中壢) with 71 percent, compared with the national average of 35 percent, it showed. The pH level of rain was also low in Hsinchu and Jhongli, with average readings of 4.73 and 4.79 respectively. The EPA considers rain with a pH level of 5 or lower to be acidic. Agency official Tsai Hung-te (蔡鴻德) attributed the high rate of acid rain in the two areas to seasonal northeasterly winds, which bring pollution from China. Local air pollutants were also to blame, Tsai said, but added that the acid rain situation has improved over the years.


Chen’s parole extended

The Ministry of Justice’s Agency of Corrections on Friday approved former president Chen Shui-bian’s (陳水扁) application to extend his medical parole to Aug. 4. Kaohsiung’s Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Taipei’s Mackay Memorial Hospital advised against treating Chen’s condition in prison, as it is complicated and difficult to control, Taichung Prison Deputy Warden Lee Chin-kuo (李進國) said. The agency therefore granted him a 14th three-month extension, which went into effect immediately. If there is evidence of Chen violating his parole, it can be revoked, Lee said. Since being on medical parole, Chen has asked the prison for permission to attend various public political events. He on Thursday received permission to attend a fundraising dinner next month for the pro-Taiwanese independence Ketagalan Foundation.


Powder found on ‘protester’

A man who had allegedly intended to stage a protest in front of the Presidential Office Building was on Friday found to have a suspicious substance in his pocket, Taipei police said. The man, who was acting strangely, was intercepted by military police who came to the scene after receiving a report of a suspicious person at about 3pm, Zhongzheng First Precinct investigation team Vice Captain Yeh Shuo-chun (葉碩竣) said. The man, surnamed Wu (吳), has a criminal record, Yeh added. Wu was taken to the precinct for questioning, where a pack of white powder was found in his pocket. Initial findings suggest that Wu was preparing to stage a protest over a ticket he got for running a red light earlier in the day, Yeh said.


Run Up draws 5,000

Piotr Lobodzinski from Poland and Australian Suzy Walsham yesterday won the Taipei 101 Run Up. The competition was held in two rounds, with the male and female participants who received the highest combined scores declared the winners. The first round was a run from the first to the 35th floor, while the second was from the first to the 91st floor. Lobodzinski and Walsham won both rounds, receiving the maximum 560 points. However, neither broke the record for the second stage, set in 2005 by Australian Paul Crake in 10 minutes, 29.32 seconds and Austrian Andrea Mayr in 12 minutes, 38.85 seconds. The event also served as the Towerrunning World Championship, the first time Taipei hosted the event, which attracted more than 5,000 runners from 47 nations.

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