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Doctors promote hand hygiene after salmonella case

RAW DANGER:A woman was more than likely infected because of her work handling eggs at a breakfast store, an NTUH director said

By Lin Hui-chin and Jake Chung  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Physicians at National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) on Friday urged the public to wash their hands after handling raw eggs and fresh vegetables to prevent salmonella infection.

Their call came ahead of the WHO’s World Hand Hygiene Day, yesterday.

The hospital’s Center for Disease Control Director Sheng Wang-huei (盛望徽) said the hospital has treated a 60-year-old woman with a history of diabetes, who was complaining of a fever and had a swollen wound.

The swelling and fever were due to salmonella sepsis, Sheng said, adding that the patient most probably came into contact with the salmonella bacteria due to her job at a breakfast store, as she has to crack eggs on a daily basis.

The woman has recovered after spending two months in hospital, Sheng said.

Raw eggs might carry salmonella and people should wash their hands after handling them, Sheng said, adding that failing to do so would increase their risk of contracting salmonella sepsis.

Salmonella is spread through contaminated meat, milk, eggs and manure, data from the Centers for Disease Control data showed.

Salmonella bacteria can grow at an accelerated rate and spread quickly in high temperatures. Symptoms, which include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a fever and stomach pains, usually manifest within six to 48 hours.

Salmonella bacteria can enter the body via wounds or through the mouth, Sheng said, adding that it reproduces quickly in babies, elderly people or individuals with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes.

For good hand hygiene, people should lather soap on their palms, the back of their hands and between their fingers for 20 seconds before rinsing, Sheng said.

When using alcohol sanitizer, people should have two or three milliliters of sanitizer on their hands and wash them for up to 15 seconds, he added.

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